#9QuestionswithNiceHipHop – DJ Dupree

First, I would like to thank you for taking out of your schedule to sit down with us for our “NINE Questions with #NICEHIPHOP”! This is where we sit down with individuals from all different backgrounds and attempt to give our readers an insight into their professional/personal lives within 9 questions. Are you ready?

1) Can you please state your name/business name, what your profession is, and how long you’ve been at it?

My name is Devin DuPree White II aka (Campuskingz DJ DuPree), and I have been a professional DJ for about 6years.

2) What made you get into your current profession?

Ever since I was younger, I’ve always wanted to learn how to DJ but never had anyone to teach me. When I went to my first teen club, I got that opportunity from the DJ/club owner. He taught me the basics and from then on I was hooked on rocking parties and learning the art of Turntablism.

3) What is the best thing about your job?

The best feeling about DJing is coming up with a creative mix, trying it out in front of hundreds/thousands of people and getting a great reaction to it. That reassures me that I’m doing what I’m suppose to be doing with my life.

4) What do you like least about your job?

The least thing I like doing is Setting up and Breaking down my equipment or have a technical issue and have to wait 3 weeks to get it fixed. Really annoying!

5) What would you say has been your biggest accomplishment to date?

My biggest accomplishment is still in the making. Four years ago I started a Coalition in Dallas known as the CAMPUSKINGZ. It’s an organization that has grown full of talented DJs, MCs, Artists, Promoters and Dancers who support each other and better the name of Campuskingz by doing their skills. We currently have 40 members total with DJs in IL, OK, LA, TX and AR. I am proud of the direction we are headed in, and even though the organization is young we are thinking ahead of the game.

6) What is your primary focus/what would you like to accomplish in your position?

My goals of being a DJ are simple; 1. “ROCK YOUR EVENT!” 2. Break records that are saying something worth listening to, such as my artist, Wideframe, who wrote “Pull Out The Magnum”.Pull Out the Magnum - Single - Wideframe 3. Market my name to grow beyond the USA and become a world recognized disc jockey.

7) What are your thoughts on the present state of hip hop?

Hip Hop will never be where it was 20 years ago, but that isn’t a bad thing. Hip hop and the culture is suppose to change and go through evolution to become more. People now have dub step beats with Hip Hop lyrics, something most artists would be scared to do because its different. Most DJs would agree that if you are different people will pay more attention.

8) What is your favorite song or artist at the moment?

My favorite song to date will always be Bone Thugs and Harmony – THUGGISH RUGGISH BONE. Oddly enough I met my favorite artist only 3years ago in Denton, TX. His name is Anthony aka AntTheMc. His lyrics are amazing because he speaks the truth through his rhymes and they stick with you days after you’ve heard the song. Follow him @AntThemc.

9) What is your purpose?

It is rare to find something you love and have that feeling that you are doing something that matters. Performing and making people get lost in my mixes, blends, transitions and scratches is what I live to do. I will continue to do so until my time is up in this world. I can never picture myself saying “I retire from Djing”, which is why I know I found My Purpose.

You have survived your “NINE Questions with #NICEHIPHOP”!  Thanks again for your time.

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  • WideFrame

    Go Dj Say that’s my Dj

  • -DJ Lovelace

    Interesting read, just purchased the “Pull out The Magnum” single! -song is jammin’

  • djdupree08

    Thanks dj Lovelace send me your email and ill send you the service package to Magnum. DJDUPREE08@gmail.com

  • @therealstinab

    amazing Dj, FUCKIN WITH THE BEST hands down ! #LATEX2k12 (:

    • djdupree08

      You know what it is!!! #CampusQueenz

  • http://twitter.com/ladii_Bollywood The Indian

    Real dedicated dj! He is always practicing to improve somehow his skills and eager to learn new things…. Love this dj :)

    • djdupree08

      Love ya back. thank you for the support!!!

  • CampusKingz DjStatic

    Congrats Dupree and great interview…I’ve learn a lot from you while being apart of #CampusKingz keep Rockin these Parties and lets keep this brand movin up.

    • djdupree08

      Yea buddy!

  • akprime

    We live in a
    competitive musical environment where everyone wants the credit for breaking
    the next big song or even better being accredited for breaking the next big
    artist…Where most fall short of this dream is they never get started…Being
    crippled by the fear of not wanting to be the guy playing the record no one has
    ever heard, by the artist no one has ever heard of. Most dj’s stick to playing
    familiar songs they KNOW without a doubt will get the crowd moving!!!! This is
    where I feel Dupree sets himself apart from the competition! Besides his crazy
    work ethic he’s not afraid 2 take a chance on a New record! This is a quality that
    a RECORD BREAKING DJ MUST possess!….Like I always say some dj’s JUST spin hot
    records WHILE others BREAK HOT RECORDS!!!! Any artist that has this dude on
    their side is truly BLESSED!!!

    • djdupree08

      Thanks fam! #ParkingLot is a hit btw.